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How to make the most of your garden this winter

Posted on 18th December 2023

Winter may seem to put nature on pause, but it’s the perfect time to reimagine your garden as a cosy, inviting, and gastronomically exciting space. Here at Dragonfly, we’re all about making the most of your outdoor space, all year round. With a few thoughtful touches and the right products, your garden can become a winter wonderland that’s not just visually stunning, but also a functional extension of your home. Let’s explore some creative ways to make the most of your garden this winter.

Create a Warm Ambience with an Outdoor Firepit

Nothing says cosy quite like the warm glow of a fire, providing comfort and ambience to your al fresco gatherings. The Nordpeis Air Fire Pit will provide the warmth and atmosphere at the centre of your outdoor experiences for years to come. An optional windbreak with steel grill and anti-drip strip is available, allowing you to barbecue on your Air Fire Pit.

Nordpeis Air Fire Pit


From a chic fire pit to a functional barbecue kitchenette, the Air can be selected in a host of modular configurations, so that you can choose what best suits your lifestyle.

Nordpeis Air BBQ Grill with optional wooden wings and internal log box shelf


The Nordpeis Roma outdoor fireplace is a statement of elegance and open-air heat. With its lightweight concrete, cylindrical exterior, and Thermotte™ combustion chamber, it offers durability and an optimal view of the flames. The removable grill invites you to explore outdoor cuisine, adding a touch of gastronomic luxury to your winter evenings. Gather around the Nordpeis Roma with friends and family, roast marshmallows, and share stories, transforming cold nights into warm memories.

Nordpeis Roma outdoor fireplace


Culinary Freedom Come Rain or Shine

For those who love the spontaneity of outdoor cooking, the Ferleon Gas BBQ Cookers are a perfect choice. These tabletop cookers, available in single and double models, with or without trolleys, offer mobility and freedom. Enjoy al fresco cuisine anywhere in your garden, whether you’re a BBQ novice or a seasoned grill master.

This means that if the weather isn’t playing ball for your get-together, you can easily move your cooker to a sheltered area, such as a covered patio or under an awning, allowing you to enjoy your al fresco gathering no matter the weather!

Ferleon Gas Single Patio Cooker


Gather Around the Social Hub

Embrace the essence of al fresco family time with the Firenza Plancha BBQ Grill from Dragonfly. This isn’t just a grill; it’s a social hub. The optional solid oak ring transforms it into a dining table, perfect for gathering friends to cook, eat, and chat. Its innovative circumferent air flow and concave plancha plate ensure even cooking and flavour enhancement. The sleek plinth base, with or without log storage, adds a contemporary touch. Imagine sipping hot chocolate while grilling your favourite winter treats on the optional grill attachment!

Firenza 1000W Plancha BBQ Grill


Light Up the Night

Long winter nights call for extra lighting. String lights, lanterns, and solar-powered garden lights can create a magical atmosphere. Illuminate pathways, trees, or your cosy sitting area. Proper lighting not only makes your garden more inviting but also extends the time you can spend outdoors, enjoying the scenery.

Pictured below amidst some lovely patio lighting is the Hestia Heat & Cook Grill 50, a dual-function wood burning stove with an integrated BBQ grill top. With a heat mode and cook mode, it not only provides you with a warming heat source but also the capability to grill delectable meals outdoors. Enrich your garden parties with this inviting warmth and atmospheric glow, extending your evenings well into the cool hours.

Hestia Heat & Cook Grill 50 in heat mode


Winter doesn’t have to mean the end of enjoying your garden. With some of the above suggestions, you can create a warm, inviting space that defies the cold. Embrace the season by transforming your garden into a cosy winter haven, where every moment is worth savouring.

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