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Ferleon Warranty

A two-year warranty applies to the material and construction of your Dragonfly Ferleon patio cooker. This warranty is void for damage resulting from the improper use and insufficient maintenance of your Dragonfly product, and failure to observe correct operating instructions – see the disclaimers and exclusions below. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, inexpert assembly or repair by yourself or third parties, or the use of non-original parts, to be determined at the discretion of our technical department. To make a warranty claim, you must retain your receipt as proof of your purchase. Claims must be submitted in writing to

See your Dragonfly Ferleon manual for full instructions for use and maintenance.

1. Indoor and Outdoor Use

The appliance is suitable for outdoor use but also approved for using indoors. The appliance must be installed with the laws and regulations in force in your country. It is best to use a qualified installer, who is aware of current rules and regulations. Ferleon Patio Cookers do not connect to an exhaust gas duct. Installation and connections must comply with current regulations for indoor use. You should pay special attention to the current provisions regarding ventilation. A natural gas installation must always be implemented by a certified installer.

2. Close the Stop Valve

Always close the stop valve on the gas bottle or the natural gas supply tap after each use.

3. Taking care of your Ferleon

  • Your first use: During its first use, we recommend that you let your Ferleon operate for 15 minutes with an empty top plate. A slight odour may occur during an initial, short period. Each time you use the appliance, we advise you to preheat the top plate for at least 10 minutes on a high flame. If the appliance has a protective cover, remove it every time you use the appliance.
  • Wait for your appliance to cool: Always wait for the unit to cool completely before switching the plates. Lift the top plate off the appliance and store it safely. To mount a top plate, position it with the three positioning notches on the three chassis studs.
  • Enamelled surfaces: Enamelling is a craft process. As a result, there may be minor colour differences on the appliance. Some enamel colours are sensitive to temperature changes, which may change the colour during use of the appliance. After the appliance cools down, the enamel will return to its original colour. If enamelled surfaces become extremely hot, hair cracks may occur. This is a normal phenomenon and does not affect operation. Enamel is a vulnerable finish, so take care when replacing the top plates, to ensure that the top plate rests properly on the three positioning points and not on the base of the chassis, otherwise you may damage the enamel. The chassis is also enamelled. Wait until the appliance has cooled down before cleaning the chassis and removing the drip pan. It is best to clean the enamelled surface with soft soap and lukewarm water. Dry the surfaces well. Never use any abrasive product. Take care that no aggressive, acidic products contact the enamelled parts.
    The following are not covered by warranty:
    a) Enamelled components where these parts are subjected to abnormally high temperatures, chemical abrasion or thermal shocks, resulting in chipping, cracking, bubbling or discolouration and crazing of the enamelled finish.
    1. Damage or defects caused by the product being stored in a damp, unheated environment.
  • Clean regularly: This appliance requires regular cleaning. Make sure the appliance is always dry and clean. Always store the appliance dry after use. Regularly cleaning your Ferleon will ensure optimal operation. If the device has been out of use for a long time, check the area around the hoses, burners and venturi pipes for insects and dust. Clean where necessary.
  • Cleaning the grill surface: Turn the control button to off and close the gas tap. It is advisable to wear protective gloves during the following cleaning operations. Before the grill surface has cooled, pour a little water on the surface and scrape the residue with a stainless steel spatula or stainless steel sponge. Repeat that until you have removed all the residue. Allow the surface to cool and clean it with a mild detergent. Then rinse well with hot water.
  • Storing your Ferleon: Before storing your Patio Cooker, close the gas tap, disconnect the gas bottle and store it in a dry place away from heat sources. Your Ferleon is made to withstand a variety of weather conditions. However, to maintain the original colour and protect it from damage, we recommend storing it in a dry and covered place.

4. Using the hob

When using the Patio Cooker with the hob, make sure that the cooking pot does not extend over the edge of the cooking device. The maximum permitted cooking pot diameter is 220 mm

5. Gas Leak Checks

Performance of gas leak checks must take place outdoors and far away from any ignition source. Check that the control buttons are all in the off position. Open the gas bottle valve, switch on the pressure regulator and use soap liquid to check that there are no bubbles coming from the connections, pressure regulator or the appliance itself. The presence of any bubbles indicates a leak. Close the gas bottle valve and tighten all the connections a little better. Try the leak test once again. If there seems to be a leak in or on the appliance, do not use it and contact Dragonfly or your retailer. You should perform a leak test every time you change the gas bottle. You should never check for gas leakage with a flame. You should never use an appliance that leaks. Keep far away from ignition sources when changing the gas bottle.

6. Safe use of a flexible gas hose

Make yourself aware of and respect the expiry date for safe use on the flexible gas hose, and replace it when necessary. Check the position of the flexible gas hose, ensuring that it is not twisted or touching any hot parts on the appliance. Use the correct gas pressure regulator. Users should not modify any part of the gas installation.

7. Gas connection

The Patio Cooker is set to work on butane, propane or natural gas. The identification plate on the back of the appliance shows the type of gas that you should use. Check whether they match the local gas connection. Take care to avoid dirt getting into the gas pipe when removing the protective cap, to avoid damaging the tap.

8. Ventilation & air circulation

Do not block the ventilation openings and check their cleanliness regularly. In the case of clogged venturi pipes, contact Dragonfly or the retailer. The bottom of the device must remain free to allow good air circulation around the burner.

9. Modifications

Do not make any modifications to the device. Contact Dragonfly or your expert retailer for such matters, as any modifications outside official aftersales support may void your warranty.

10. Appliance usage

This appliance is only intended for cooking and baking. It may not be used for other purposes, such as heating.


  • Provide adequate shielding when young children, disabled or elderly persons, or animals might be close to the appliance. Touchable parts can become very hot.
  • Do not use flammable or explosive substances near the appliance when in use. If you smell gas in the air, close the stop valve on the gas bottle or the natural gas supply tap.
  • Do not move the appliance while in use.
  • Make sure that the gas hose does not touch any hot parts of the appliance.
  • We advise you to wear protective gloves when handling hot parts.
  • Dragonfly/Ferleon cannot accept responsibility for any problems or damage caused by incorrect installation.
  • The plancha is a plate that can handle heating to very high temperatures (300-350 °C) for contact preparation of all kinds of food.
  • Each of the following factors are considered abnormal operation and may require maintenance:
    • Burners produce flames with strong yellow points
    • Burners do not ignite well
    • Burners will not stay alight
    • Gas taps are hard to rotate

If your appliance is not working properly, contact us at

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