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Dragonfly Firenza Warranty

A one year warranty applies to the material and construction of all steel elements of Firenza Plancha Barbecue Grills. This warranty is void for damage resulting from the improper use of your Dragonfly product – see the disclaimers and exclusions below. To make a warranty claim, you must retain your receipt as proof of your purchase. Claims must be submitted in writing to

The Firenza’s warranty is subject to the following disclaimers:

1. Protective Finishes

All Firenza models have a fire bowl made from Nero black powder-coated steel; the bases of all models except for the 1000CW are made from the same kind of coated steel. The coating applied provides a highly resistant layer of protection against corrosion. As a result, your Firenza can be left outside in all weathers so long as the plancha plate (which is not powder-coated) is regularly oiled and shielded from the elements with an appropriate cover. Care should be taken while setting up, moving, and using Firenza units to ensure that heavy impacts and sharp objects do not chip or scratch the protective coating of coated steel elements.

If you have purchased a Corten Firenza model (1000CW), the base will have already started to form a protective layer of oxides on its surface at point of delivery. This layer is formed as moisture induces corrosion across the surface of the steel. The chemical make-up of Corten steel ensures that this outer corroded material protects the remaining steel beneath from moisture and rust perforation. This layer also gradually forms the attractive patina aesthetic for which Corten steel is known. As with our powder-coated bases, Corten steel’s protective outer layer allows the Firenza to remain outdoors in all-weather conditions, so long as the plancha plate (which is not made from Corten steel) is regularly oiled and shielded from the elements with an appropriate cover.

It takes approximately 6-12 months of exposure to the elements for a complete oxide layer to form across the surface of Corten steel. Unlike many manufacturers of Corten steel products, we provide buyers of our products with an additional service by making sure that the oxidation process has already started by the time our products are delivered. As a result, it should only take approximately 3-6 months from point of delivery for your Corten base’s protective layer to finish forming. This estimated timescale may vary subject to local weather conditions.

While the protective layer on Corten steel is still in the process of forming, it may produce orange stains on skin and clothing. If it rains while this layer is developing, running water may wash residual oxides from Corten bases onto surfaces beneath the Firenza. Porous surfaces such as wood and concrete can be stained by this oxide run-off.

The protective layer of corrosion on Corten steel rarely chips, but it is more likely to chip in areas with high air salinity, such as seaside towns. Surface chipping will not result in any permanent damage to your product, but fallen chips of steel should be swept up to prevent stains forming on the surface surrounding your Firenza.

2. Take proper care of the plancha plate

Upon your Firenza’s initial use, it is essential that the proper steps for preparation are followed as outlined in the user manual. These steps include maintaining a smaller fire during the initial 30 minutes of use – this allows the plancha plate to settle as it slowly expands. If this step is not followed, your plancha plate may warp or become convex, rather than remaining concave as it ought to.

The Firenza and all of its steel elements are designed to be left outside at all times. It is important, however, that a coat of cooking oil is re-applied to the plancha plate every 7-10 days while it is not in use; this oil coating will help to prevent corrosion. An appropriate rainproof cover must also be used when the Firenza is not in use to protect the plancha plate from the elements.

3. Solid oak rings

Firenza Plancha Barbecue Grills fit an optional solid oak ring. Although we do offer a larger cover to protect these rings from occasional rainfall, humid weather and changes in temperature may cause them to warp or crack; we therefore recommend that you store solid oak rings in a cool dry place after each use. We do not recommend leaving them outdoors overnight, as high levels of humidity and temperature change are more common throughout that time. Our solid oak rings are designed to be used as surfaces for dining and light food preparation – they are not designed to bear heavy loads (greater than 7.5kg). Overburdening the solid oak ring or leaning excessive body weight onto it can cause the ring, and the attached plancha plate, to tip from the fire bowl.

If sharp or heavy objects are used to exert force on these rings, they may become irreparably damaged.

4. Grills

The Firenza’s attachable grill is designed to be stored indoors in a dry place. If not stored properly, the grill will become susceptible to rust corrosion. When you finish using your grill, you must wait for it to cool completely before taking it inside. Please be aware that the grill can remain hot for a long time after use, even long after the fire in your fire bowl is extinguished.

5. Adjustable feet

To complete the setup of your Firenza, the adjustable feet can be used to make it level. However, we do not recommend using these feet to adjust the overall height of your Firenza, as extending any of them by more than 10mm may cause the base to become unstable.

When moving a Firenza that has already been set up, it is important that the unit is lifted clear of the ground with sufficient assistance. Dragging or pushing the Firenza across the ground can cause damage both to the unit’s adjustable feet and to the rivet nuts with which these feet are attached.

6. Using appropriate fuels

Your Firenza is designed for burning wood logs and charcoal, lit with firelighters in compliance with both EN 1860-3 and BS 7952:2001. Using other fuels or firelighters may damage your Firenza unit and/or result in residues which are harmful when ingested. To avoid damage to your unit and any health complications, only the appropriate fuels listed should be used.

Spirits, alcohol, and petrol are not appropriate for use as fuels or lighting agents in the Firenza.

7. Do not leave your Firenza unattended

Note that all surfaces of the Firenza – particularly the plancha plate and fire bowl – become extremely hot during operation and can cause serious injury and burns if touched. Please take additional care in the presence of children, pets, and the elderly or infirm. Please also ensure that the area around your Firenza unit is always clear of any highly flammable substances or materials.


  • The Firenza will become very hot and can remain hot long after the fire has died out
  • Do not use your Firenza in a confined and/or habitable space (e.g. houses, tents, caravans, motor homes, boats). Danger of fatal carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Keep children and pets away
  • Do not overburden the solid oak ring with loads exceeding 7.5kg, and do not lean on it with excessive body weight; this may cause the ring and attached plancha plate to tip

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