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Hestia Warranty

A two year warranty applies to the material and construction of your Dragonfly Hestia Heat 50 or Heat & Cook Grill 50. This warranty is void for damage resulting from the improper use and insufficient maintenance of your Dragonfly product, and failure to observe correct operating instructions – see the disclaimers and exclusions below. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, inexpert assembly or repair by yourself or third parties, or the use of non-original parts, to be determined at the discretion of our technical department. To make a warranty claim, you must retain your receipt as proof of your purchase. Claims must be submitted in writing to

This warranty is for the original purchaser of the appliance from an authorised dealer/stockist. This warranty is non-transferable. This warranty is in addition to and does not affect your statutory rights.

See your Dragonfly Hestia manual for full instructions for use and maintenance.


Your Hestia appliance comes with the following warranty:
1. A limited 2 year warranty on the structural integrity of the body. The warranty is for defects in materials and workmanship. It has been manufactured using quality materials to resist corrosion as much as possible and use of specialist paint for metal surfaces suitable for high temperature and outdoor use. The paint surface and various metals can be affected by exposure to external factors including, but not limited to, chlorine, chemicals, humidity, salt. The paint finish will also be compromised by surface scratches and abrasions. For this reason, the warranty does not cover rust, oxidation, blemishes or fading. The Dragonfly Hestia range is for outdoor use only. It is exposed to the elements/weather including rain, sun, snow, wind and damp and corrosion/wear and tear is to be expected. This does not detract from the functioning of the product. Maintenance will be required to preserve the appearance of the unit and touching up of the paint as necessary will be needed. Please note units located within 10 miles of coastal areas will be subject to increased moisture and salt levels and more frequent maintenance will be required.

2. A limited 1 year warranty on the non-consumable parts such as the door, lid, handle, hinges, air damper plate, shelves, thermometer and thermocouple.

Items such as fire bricks, baffle plate, glass, rope seal, door closing mechanism, ash pan, fire grate and grill are consumable items and are not covered by a warranty. These items will deteriorate over time and will need replacing. The length of time that these parts last will depend on the type of fuel used, and how hot and long the appliance is left to run. The fire bricks, rope seal and baffle plate are subjected to a huge amount of stress while the unit is under fire, so they will appear stressed quite quickly and the bricks can sometimes crack. This does not mean their integrity is compromised and they will have plenty of life left in them. The bricks should be replaced when they have eroded by 25%, you can see the steel behind them or they have cracked with a gap of 3mm or greater.

The warranty is based on normal domestic use. Products used in a commercial setting has a limited 1 year warranty on the structural integrity of the body. The warranty does not cover improper use, mishandling or unauthorised modifications. The warranty does not cover accidental or consequential damage. The warranty does not cover scratches, dents and

other cosmetic marks which do not affect the performance of the appliance. This warranty is not applicable if purchased through an unauthorised dealer/stockist. The warranty begins at the date of purchase. Any warranty claim must be addressed to the authorised dealer from whom the appliance has been purchased and include the purchase receipt showing date of purchase and the name of the dealer, a description of the problem and preferably visual evidence of the defect.

Items will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Dragonfly, subject to the terms and conditions of the warranty. Dragonfly is not liable for shipping costs, duties, taxes, repair or return, unless authorised in advance in writing by Dragonfly.

Caution note: Never place your Dragonfly Hestia Heat 50 or Heat & Cook Grill 50 directly on or nearby combustible materials and never leave the product unattended while in use. Failure to safely operate the Dragonfly Hestia Heat 50 or Heat & Cook Grill 50 will void the warranty. Dragonfly disclaim any liability for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage which may result.

Important safety instructions

  • Always place the appliance on a non-combustible surface.
  • Check that there is no combustible material above the appliance, trees etc
  • Ensure that the appliance is stable before lighting. Use the levelling feet.
  • Always use the gloves provided when touching the appliance. All surfaces can be hot.
  • WARNING! This barbecue will become very hot, do not move it during operation.
  • Do not use indoors! Or in a tent.
  • WARNING! Keep children and pets away.
  • Never exceed 700°C or go over 650°C for more than 2 minutes.
  • Do NOT cover or leave flammable substances or material on or near the appliance.
  • Warning: Never attempt to move the unit with the lid in the open position.
  • Warning: The lid is heavy.

Cleaning & maintenance

To empty the integral ash pan remove the grate. The ash pan can then be accessed, lift out and empty. IMPORTANT: The ash pan must be emptied after each use.

Do not use solvents or other cleaning products, as this can potentially taint the food. To clean the inside of the appliance and grill simply add charcoal and run the unit up to a temp of 200 – 250 °C for 15-20 minutes. Allow appliance to cool down. Prior to cooking brush the ash residue off the grill with a wire brush. Alternatively , the stainless steel grill can be removed and washed manually in warm soapy water with a sponge.

To clean the outside of the body use a damp soft cloth. If required, touch up paint is available from:

The stainless steel parts and glass can be cleaned using grade 000 wire wool.

Do not leave the thermometer out at night, or allow it to become wet. Use a waterproof cover to protect the appliance when it has completely cooled down and all embers and ash have been removed.

The following checks should be carried out annually:

  • Door Rope Seal: Still effective.
  • Glass Seal: Still effective.
  • Fire Bricks: Sound. Replace any that have cracks greater than 3mm.
  • Baffles: Not warped or distorted.
  • Grates: Not warped and functioning.
  • All controls free and smooth to operate.
  • Hinges are lubricated.

Only genuine replacement parts should be used and are available online:

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