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Extend Your Evenings Outside with Hestia: The Ultimate Outdoor Experience

Posted on 28th November 2023

Extend your evenings outside and embrace the changing seasons with warmth, style, and exquisite cooking, with Dragonfly’s premium Hestia Heat & Cook collection. This range isn’t just about adding warmth to your garden; it’s about transforming your outdoor space into a year-round sanctuary for relaxation and culinary adventures.

Hestia Heat 50: Warmth and Style Redefined

With the Dragonfly Hestia Heat 50 Outdoor Wood Stove, your garden parties will never be the same. This isn’t just an outdoor log burner; it’s a statement of style and sustainability. Its ability to radiate comforting warmth means that you can enjoy the outdoors for longer, even when the temperature dips. Its captivating aesthetics are sure to be a conversation starter, making every gathering a memorable one.

Hestia Heat 50 garden stove

Hestia Heat 50


Hestia Heat & Cook Grill 50: Where Warmth Meets Gastronomy

Imagine grilling under the stars, the aroma of sizzling delicacies mingling with the crisp, evening air. The Hestia Heat & Cook Grill 50 makes this dream a reality. It’s more than a grill; it’s a dual-function masterpiece providing both warmth and a top-notch culinary experience. Whether it’s burgers or roasted vegetables, the integrated BBQ grill top brings the joy of al fresco cooking together with the cosy comfort of an outdoor wood burner.

A luxury outdoor wood burner and stove in a scenic patio setting

Hestia Heat & Cook Grill 50 in heat mode


With an integrated adjustable baffle system that can be switched between ‘heat mode’ and ‘cook mode’ and a removable thermometer, the Heat & Cook Grill 50 ensures perfect cooking temperatures and efficient heat distribution, and can switch functions seamlessly. Features like removable side shelves, a two-wheeled base, and a sleek air control system make your outdoor cooking and heating experience smooth and enjoyable.

Making Every Al Fresco Gathering Memorable

The Hestia collection is not just about providing heat; it’s about creating an ambience. It’s about gathering around the fire, sharing stories, and making memories. Award-winning stove technology is incorporated into these luxury outdoor wood burners, offering you a stylish and functional focal point for every outdoor gathering.

Hestia Heat & Cook Grill 50 in heat mode


Experience the Dragonfly Lifestyle

At Dragonfly, we believe in enhancing your garden experience with luxury and elegance. Our Hestia Heat & Cook collection represents the pinnacle of outdoor living. It’s not just an addition to your garden; it’s a transformation into a stylish centre for social occasions.

Hestia Heat & Cook Grill 50 in cook mode


Discover the ultimate outdoor living experience today with Hestia. For more information and to view our full range, browse our website.

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